Self-Guided Living Architecure Tour

A couple of days ago I stumbled upon this website

Torontonian Jonathan Silver created this detailed and beautiful map of publicly-accessible living architecture locations in Toronto.   Also, on September 17, 2015 at 7pm he will be conducting a guided living architecture tour.  Tickets can be purchased here.


Sidewalk Design, Part 2: Accessability

Toronto Para PanAm games finished less than a week ago; over 1600 athletes from the Americas were in Toronto to participate in the games.  One of the local newspapers did an interview with a few of them asking about their impression of Toronto.  All of them commented that Toronto is significantly more accessible than their home cities for people with disabilities.

City of Toronto does have comprehensive accessibility guidelines:


Streetscape Manual

Parks, Forestry & Recreation Advocate for People with Disabilities

BRIEFING NOTE: AODA Design of Public Spaces Standards (Accessibility Standards for the Built Environment)

Throughout the city sidewalks have ramps as per regulation


And sidewalks built within the last few years also have “tactile walking surface indicators


Section 37: Public Art, Part 2

Public art at the Republic by Tridel is particularly interesting to me since it is connected to the North Toronto CI (my alma mater)

“What’s Your Name” by Ilan Sandler.

20150731_070756 20150731_070820

“Mindshadows” by Catherine Widgery

20150731_065206 20150731_065223

“Inversion” by Eldon Garnet’s at the James Cooper Mansion condo at 582 Sherbourne St.

And a staff report is to seek City Council approval of the James Cooper Mansion Public Art Plan

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