Public Infrastructure: Drinking Fountains

Access to water is a basic human right and having access to public, free and safe water sources is crucial to making making the city a better place to live.

The City of Toronto has an extensive network of drinking fountains in city parks.  In the city of the size of Toronto one can encounter a variety of drinking fountain models that have been installed throughout the decades and reflect the evolution of residents’ needs.

This beautiful fountain in the St. James Park is over a 100 years old and reflects the fact that back then it not only provided water for the human residents, but also for the horses.

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This model of the water fountain is most common and can be found in the majority of city parks.  Notice that it also has a little step to help kids to access the water source.


This fountain is located at the Nathan Phillips in front of the Toronto City Hall.  While it has nice clean lines, it is missing the little kids’ step.


And finally this is most recent model.  Notice that it offers different accessibility options: adult, kids, wheel chair users and even one for dogs.