Why would you put it there?!?

Street furniture is great; it enhances our streets and makes the streets more livable.  But sometimes I encounter a piece of street furniture that is places in the most location, often impeding pedestrian movement.

Renfrew Street north of East Broadway, Vancouver. This bus shelter is placed in the middle of the sidewalk.  Imaging having to get around it if you are pushing a stroller if are in a wheelchair.


Another example of poorly placed infrastructure is this parking meter; it takes up a quarter of the sidewalk.


After I contacted the local city councilor, the meter was actually moved off the sidewalk.


Quote of the day: Bing Thom

Bing Thom, architect and one of the forefathers of ” Vancouverism” passed away last Tuesday. His attitude towards architecture is summed up well in this quote:

“My client is more than the person who pays me. My client is society and the public.”

Here are two examples of his work:  http://bingthomarchitects.com/project/central-citysfu-surrey/  and http://bingthomarchitects.com/project/surrey-city-centre-library/